Plain History Genealogy Group

Next Meeting Date:

March 10, 2018

Goal of Our Group

The story of the Plain area and the people that built it is a great story. The goal of our group is to gather whatever we can to document this rich history. These documents that tell this story will be available to everyone through the Plain library's Local History Room. This gathering mission will not be restricted to the village limits but the general Sauk County area.

Benefits of Joining

  • no dues
  • informal, friendly group
  • newsletter
  • bimonthly meetings
  • learn to use computers to do research
  • special presentations of local interest
  • get assistance in doing your research
  • access to experienced genealogists
  • quick response through email
  • you can be as active as you want
  • open to ages 14 to 100
  • guided research field trips
  • keep up-to-date on Internet
  • attend genealogy/history seminars
  • get ideas for your own research
  • we've got neat stuff

Computers & Internet

The Internet will allow us to meet the research needs of people throughout the country and the world. Use of email and an active website will enable us to interact with a vast number of people. Check our website to find out about meetings and events.

Internet Connection:


Items We Have

Through our members, you will have access to things that you can use for your history projects.

  • hardware
  • scanners
  • comb binders
  • cd writers
  • pamphlet staplers

Computer Databases

  • Germans to America
  • Family History Library Index
  • 1880 Census
  • Online data sources


  • Federal, State & Farm Census
  • Plat Maps
  • Photos
  • Family Histories / StoriesFamily trees by Georg Ederer

How to Join

It is easy to join the group. You can send an email to You can also contact us through the library.

Kraemer Library & Community Center

Thanks to the generosity of community leaders, we have a great place to meet and "store" the history we have gathered. 

Please see the new Kraemer History website. It has great stories about the Kraemers of Tiefenbach (Irlach), Bavaria and Plain, Wisconsin. You can see it by clicking on this url: You are invited to contribute a story.

The group meets the second Saturday of each of the following months, at 10:00 a.m.

  • January
  • March
  • May
  • July
  • September
  • November