Friends of the Kraemer Library & Community Center

Board of Directors:

Jennifer Kraemer, President

Angela Merritt, Secretary

Deb Tafs, Treasurer

Beth Ferstl

Kathy Heiser

Emily Benz

Shannon Shelton-Ganser

Upcoming Events


Who we are...

The Friends of the Kraemer Library and Community Center foundation was established by the Kraemer Business and Family Partnership in September 2001. The Partnership had made an initial gift of $975,000 toward the construction of a new library and community center to house the Plain Public Library, and pledged to the community that only private funds would be used to construct the combined library building and community center. The initial role of the Friends foundation was to accept donations for the new structure, offset operating costs, and make ongoing contributions to the library.

Friends members are library enthusiasts who, through their membership dues and fundraising activities, raise funds to supplement and enhance the library’s programming and materials budgets, thus insuring the continued growth and evolution of a high-quality library and community center. New members are always welcome.

The primary mission of the Friends of the Kraemer Library and Community Center is to enhance the basic operation and quality of the Kraemer Library and Community Center. This is accomplished through membership dues, organized fundraising activities, and the sale of library-themed merchandise. These activities have allowed the Friends to support library programs, contribute toward building improvements, provide new or upgraded equipment for the library and community center, and reach out to the community through donations and memorials. 

Memorial and Honor Program

The Memorial and Honor  Program is the perfect way to remember friends and loved ones, including your pet. You can commemorate birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, retirements and other important events while benefiting the whole community. Special donation envelopes are available at the library.

Become a Member

When you join the Friends of the Kraemer Library and Community Center, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Receive 10% discount on Friends merchandise
  • Receive up to Five photocopies free per day
  • Enjoy special events to honor volunteers
  • Enjoy the recognition and appreciation of family, friends and neighbors for helping nurture and support this great community asset​

Member application form to print and return to library

Our Lifetime Friends Members:

Imelda Adelman

Joe & Polly Kraemer

George & Jean Bergman

Karl Kraemer & Kris Herbrand

Buddy W. & Virginia Bethke

Kenneth L. & Norine F. Kraemer

Ed & Sharon Bettinger

Marty & Linda Kraemer

John & Pam Bettinger and family

Norman & Louise Kraemer*

Lew & Joy Bettinger and family

Tom & Soni Kraemer

Holly Breitkreutz

Victor & Jacquell Kraemer

Al & Mary Brey*

Ed & Mary Jane Liegel

Rita Brey

Jerry & Wanda Liegel

Judi Diehl

Pam & Wally Liegel

Caroline Dischler

David & Carol Lins

Marlene Dischler

Alfred G. Lustig

Frank & Kathy Dwyer*

Pat & Tara Mahoney

Don & Jane Ederer

Richard & Janis Marino

Ray & Mary Jean Ellenbolt

Rich & Angela Merritt

Bob & Jane Elmer

Suzanne Murry

Rudy & Ilene Feiner

Richard & Mary Francis Nachreiner

Aaron & Beth Ferstl

John & Beth Novak

Ernie & Mercille Floerke

Bradley & Maureen Palmer

Carolyn Forde & Ralph Fischer

Herb & Linda Paulus, JR

Harold & Anita Frank

Ed & Mary Prem

Ken & Shirley Frank

Ray & Marcia Ring

Dr. Ihor & Genya Galarnyk

Lori Schaefer

Roland & Rosemarie Gilligan

Jack & Mary Schluter

Floyd & Lois Gruber

James & Karen Severance

William & Shirley Gruber

Ralph & Donna Soeldner

Elsie Haas

Mike & Denise Spude

David Hetzel

Gary & Vikki Stingley

Bob & Dawn Jewell

Lori Straka

Glen & Pat Jewell

Constance Taylor

Paul & Niki Johnson

Susan Turner Thering

Jeannie Kast

Mary Jo Warnke

Dr. Mike & Patty Knoll

Janice M. Watson

Bill & Jennifer Kraemer

Lucinda Yanke

Bob & Betty Kraemer*

Dave & Becky Zwettler

Duane & Gwen Kraemer


Bill & Jen Kraemer

Kraemer Brothers*

Jerry & Wanda Kraemer

The River Valley Veterinary Clinic

Jim & Diane Kraemer

The Kraemer Company

*Honorary Members

Our Annual Friends Members:

Vernon & Doris Bindl

Ross & Michelle Johanning

Jacqueline Brey

George & Marceline Liegel

Henty & Judi Ferstl

Pam & Roger MacLeod

Dale & Deb Fingerhut

Steph Morrill

Chloe Gaalswyk

Bob & JoAnn Schanke

Alan  & Katie Green

Marlon & Deb Tafs

Bruce & Diane Hemmersbach

Joe & Lucille Wankerl

Josiane Hyatt

Wilson Creek Pottery